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I’m totally a sucker for personality tests. On my resume I have listed my Myer’s Briggs (ENFP), my StrengthsFinder strengths, and my Enneagram (I’m a Type One!). Neurocolor is a personality test that is based on the most current brain science and brain chemistry we have today. One of the founders, Dr. Helen Fisher’s TED Talk on the brain has over 3 million plays and her science is what gives Neurocolor its back bone.

I love the challenge of designing something like a test, because they are so common, but often designed so haphazardly. It’s almost an afterthought to put any time into designing how a test looks, but whenever done well, it can make a big difference in how easily consumable and how quickly a user can make their choices. This test is comprised of a statement and the user chooses from a standard range of statements from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree.” I think that I made it so this test will be easily consumed by its users. It’s meaningful to me to make a user’s life even just a little better by making test taking even just a little bit better.

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