Design Portfolio Piece:

Hitch & Sparrow Wedding Co.

Hitch & Sparrow Wedding Co. is the brainchild of myself and the wonderfully talented Anthony Barlich. We shoot weddings in an editorial and documentary-like style. It’s an absolute honor to be able to capture something as important as a wedding day for someone. Getting to create such important work drives us to keep pushing ourselves to make great art each time that we shoot.

Our style is different than many of our peers and our branding reflects our style. I see it as incredibly modern, but lasting, without a touch of fad. We strive to be authentic to what the day looks like and who the bride and groom are, but to highlight and accentuate all the joy that a wedding brings into a couple’s lives. I cannot take credit though for the incredible logo, Anthony Barlich created it and I have yet to see a better logo for a wedding company.

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