Design Portfolio Piece:

Just so we’re clear, Bradley Siefert, is still me. I have found that keeping separate design and photography portfolios is just good for business. Keeps things nice and neat. Being a designer and developer, but deeply caring about the look and feel of a web portfolio, made pursing an out of the box solution for this site almost impossible. I’m the kind of designer who struggles much more to create for myself than for someone else. Creating this site though was a bit of joy.

It seemed odd to create a photography portfolio before I completed my own design portfolio (since that’s my day job, but I’m rather happy I started here first. Photography is what I spend much of my time (and money) doing and I wanted to be sure that I’d created something I’d be happy with for a long time to come. Sometimes the most simple designs are the most difficult to come though however. This was for sure the case for this project. At face value, the site looks straight forward, but actually uses a ton of media queries to make the site responsive the way I wanted. Quite a bit of work, but something I’m very proud I did.

Live Site

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